One Stop


Are you a new player to import/export business??  

At this very first step, everything seems new and unfamiliar.  There are many technical word and term that can confuse you easily.  Not to mention those quotation that looks like a maze when you just want to see the bottom line.  Actually they are really a lot of and chaotic for rookie.  Let us be your buddy who translate everything into your language and arrange all the variety factor to fit with your resource.  



 We are managing direct consol-container covering most parts of Inter-Asia including Canada, Australia and South America, see ports & points.

Customs Brokers

 We have big teams those who specialist in all kind of customs procedure for import and export, you could benefits from our well trained staffs who experience long time in this industry and knowledgeable in all Customs Activities.


Trucking Operator

Our current own fleet of 5 trucks can be served on request to deliver your products from anyplace in Thailand to your nominated place nationwide, our well-trained drivers are willing to serve you well and politeness in all respects.

Our services hour for trucking has no limit of time no matter how far or how hard it has to. Our driver will be on their job/duty anytime to serve your business on time to meet with its schedule with minimum fault or none.

Operator for Cargo @ PAT

 We have packed a Deposit Bonded with the port Authority of Thailand for a special allowance to utilize port area at “COMMON USE AREA – ZONE: 2” with approximately yard 1000sqm, currently we have 1 Manger plus 2 assistants to look after all activities at ports together with 30 labours under control.